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Here's a little video from the BITW team, which is running a bio-diesel powered 2004 Chevy Metro. Check out that airdam/grillblock/bumper cover and the clear rear wheel skirts. It looks like they've got Kuhmo Solus tires (at least on the left front) and are running Volk Racing wheels.

Their website: BITW Technologies

A quote: In respect to the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize competition, the team has been modifying a car that fits the mainstream category, which is for traditional four-passenger vehicles with room for cargo. It is what you would call a reapplication of existing technology. Voll got the idea while talking with a customer about a diesel powered lawn tractor. Realizing the economy potential and engine design, he did some research on the torque curves and found similarity to the Geo Metro; thus the seed was planted. Now, over ten thousand miles later, the team has an automobile that performs well on a daily basis while working towards 100 mile per gallon-equivalent fuel economy while running on a simple bio-fuel. Our goal is to share this application with drivers and families around the world.

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