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Originally Posted by exrdega View Post
after my build its time to test. Green light on yellow light was flashing now on.
Green light is simply a power indicator. Yellow light flashing means the controller has a fault. For bench testing the controller, connect a 0-5k pot across the throttle wires and turn down to 0. I used a 0-20k pot for my bench testing as one was close to hand, it doesn't matter to much for bench testing, just need those 2 wires connected to something. Reconnect your 12 volt supply and check the leds. You don't need to connect the traction pack at this stage, but remember the 12v supply for the controller and the traction pack must be separate and isolated.

Cannot communicate with the Atmega chip.
Are you using RTD explorer? Try the above test first and get the yellow light on solid. Then try connecting with RTD explorer.

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