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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Tim and I got into a conversation about this today, and I thought I'd do a bit of research and put together a list.

Fortunately someone already did it for me!
  1. Smart Fortwo Coupe / Cabrio
    Weight: 820 kg 840 kg ( 1,8071,851 lbs.)
  2. Lotus Elise
    Weight: 899 kg (1,984 lbs)
  3. Lotus Exige
    Weight: 942 kg (2,077 lbs)
  4. Mazda2
    Weight: 1,045 kg (2,306 lbs)
  5. Toyota Yaris Hatch / Sedan
    Weight: 1,049 kg (2,313 lbs)
  6. Hyundai Accent Sedan
    Weight: 1,072 kg (2,365 lbs)
  7. Mazda MX-5
    Weight: 1,115 kg (2,458 lbs)
  8. Honda Fit
    Weight: 1,119 kg (2,466 lbs)
  9. Hyundai Accent Hatchback
    Weight: 1,119 kg (2,467 lbs)
  10. Nissan Versa Sedan
    Weight: 1,150 kg (2,535 lbs)
Honourable mention:

Chevrolet Aveo / Suzuki Swift+ hatchback 1,155 kg (2,546 lbs)
Kia Rio Sedan 1,160 kg (2,557 lbs)
MINI Cooper 1,165 kg (2,568 lbs)
Civic Coupe 1,179 kg (2,599 lbs)
Tesla Roadster 1,238 kg (2,729 lbs)

Now these are Canadian specs, so they may not perfectly match the USA figures. Also, I didn't double check them against manufacturer's info.

More details & pics of all the cars on this list can be found at: 10 Lightest cars on-sale in Canada - Autos
I'm actually amazed at how much some of those cars weigh.

My 99 Nissan Frontier has a curb weight of 2800-3100 lbs, with a box frame, and designed to cary an extra 1200-1400lbs of cargo.
My 84 CJ without top or doors comes in at 3000 lbs with a 600+lb engine, 80lb transfer case an extra 100lbs in the front axle and no thought to saving weight anyplace on the whole thing.

I can get an aluminum body tub that saves about 500lbs, that is stronger than the stock body.

The fiberglass top and steel doors adds about 350lbs.

Considering how small some of these cars are they should be lighter.
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