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Originally Posted by Heynow999 View Post
I have a truck that I run on WVO, so I guess I think it is worth it.

As for old Benz's, I have one. I bought it to convert, but even if I weren't going to convert it, I would still want to drive a car like this. I like it because it is so reliable. Any 1979-85 5 cylinder Benz is bulletproof. They made 2.6 million of these cars. You can still get any part you need.

Want a cheap conversion?
Cool link
I just asked the same question on their board and they told me to graduate college before doing it. Haha, I guess that makes enough sense. I'll keep my eyes peeled for some diesel deals.

AndrewJ, I'm just really willing to travel to get the best deal. I've lived in Nortern, Central and Southern CA so I am fairly acclimated to mind numbingly long trips on I-5.
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