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Bus Bars to PCB

Back in post 3399 mcudogs talked about putting copper bus bars, solder, and PCB into an oven to solder them together. With this method would i need to tin the bars and board first? A different method he mentions requires tinning but the oven method didn't specifically mention it so i'm really hoping i could skip a step and still get a solid connection. i'll probably try this with some scrap copper pieces but i'd love some input before i stick my actual parts in the oven!

I'm ordering parts and want to know if i can save $23 by skipping silver filled epoxy.

btw.. how would i send a reply/ message to just one person in this forum? i wanted to ask mcudogs this question without ELONGATING the thread! didn't see an email in his "contact info"

about backordered parts from digikey - i went with part# P11621-ND which is a 2" tall power cap and i plan on using a 2" tall aluminum heat spreader bar to match. I also will try those 230a 200v alternate mosfets Paul mentioned.
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