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Cool bluetooth and bus overkill..

Hi dcb,

Nice Javaproxy concept... :-)

Well bluetooth keys are as little as $2.95 so the price on
the bluetooth arduino only has space for downward motion.

In a way you are right about arduino and tcp/ip being
overkill. Sure it is only a few feet.

But when I looked at your Java logger, i thought how
much nicer it could be if every device was on it's own
port and could send data in.

Then, I sortof discovered that is what the LIN and
CAN bus do anyway.

So to cut a long story short, it seems to make sense
to have some sort of serial-bus support in any
project that does arduino.

I am told that if you can read the CAN or LIN bus then
a lot of the data that mpguino needs is there.

My friend in Germany also says that you can poke
your own commands on the CAN/LIN bus to do
DIY cruise control and so forth.

So I think that stuff like that could be sort of interesting
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