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Originally Posted by drago6817 View Post
Your cat is fine, it just wasn't designed for lean burn. Modern 3 way converters need a balance of pollutants in order to work, certain pollutants are split in order to supply the products necessary to split other components, thus when you lean burn and produce TONS of NO the cat will not work as designed. This is why lean burn Hondas have special lean burn cats. Get the cats off the Fed civic and you'll be in business.

Sort of ironic how so many ecomodders have converted to fed to help save the planet but are actually polluting it all to hell because they didn't transplant the full system, but just the fuel economy bits.

read more here:
I appreciate you chiming in here! It is ironic indeed and I hope to put an end to it.

I wasn't aware there are different CATs. I can only find 18160-P07-A00. Do you know of the part number for CA emissions?

This post from a guy that seems know what he's talking about (I love guys that seem to know what they're talking about) says that there is no physical difference between CA and Fed VX CATs - Helping You Save at the Pump Hypermiling and Fuel Efficiency Forum - View Single Post - Civic VX Emissions Failure - VTEC Malfunction, or Hopelessly Epic Melodrama?.

Please help prove to the contrary 'cause I'd love to get this damn thing figured out and get back to the Fed equipment with those beautiful mpgs.

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