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Originally Posted by MadisonMPG View Post
Care to elaborate on the two you had no place to go?
The first one 2 cars ahead of me someone hit their brakes hard so they could get make a U turn, the car ahead of me hit their brakes hard to avoid hitting them, the lane to the right was full and a median with a significant curb to the left as I hadn't gotten to the turn lane that the car making the U turn wasn't using. The driver behind me had droped a cigarette in his lap and didn't notice me until it was way too late. All I heard was a squeek before he hit me.

The second one was going through a construction zone during rush hour, I was in the right lane because the left would get backed up due to people making illegal left turns. A large van was in front of me wit about 2 car lengths between us. A lady in a full sized truck decided that was enough room to get in. She was wrong, and with construction equipment on my right the only thing I could do was try to stop. She clipped my front fender.
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