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09 Civic Hybrid in AZ

Greetings fellow Ecomodders',

I'm new to the site, and have enjoyed reading some of the different approaches to saving on fuel consumption. A little about the use of my car, it is 90% business use. I have logged just over 32k in 16 months of ownership. Unfortunately, I don't have the greatest MPG figures to share, primarily driven by using the A/C most of the time (leaving the climate control on auto varying the temp depending on the season).

Since I do use the A/C to prevent sweating in my work clothes, I would like to know if anyone has insulated the low pressure A/C line (cold line) from the compressor to the firewall, and if so has it made any difference in the effectiveness of the 15 cc electric hybrid A/C compressor cooling retention capacity during the Autostop operation?


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