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Originally Posted by voltmatic automaton View Post
i need some advice on the control board. I was wiring everything up for my install, had the power section in and wired up and went to wire in the control board.
something went ZAP and now the control board won't light up on a 12 volt all.
so my question is which components should i start looking at for a failure if 120v somehow zapped the board?

just to clear the confusion, im using the power stage of a logisystems controller. just removed the lem and installed the revolt board. since there wasn't the space i decided to go with the zilla idea of making the power stage a seperate module to the control board stage...kinda like the hairball idea.

but now the control stage is dead...please help!
I would start by checking to see if the 12 volt supply leads are reversed. I'm not sure it would go zap even if they were. The positive should go to R1 first.
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