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anyone want to build (10) 24-36v motor controllers

I am building ten mutant electric shopping carts and need to shave some costs, in a big way. Yes, this is a Burning Man project. Yes, I always build crazy things.

They would need to be dual motor controllers, programmable & capable of 100 amps/motor. I can buy a super reliable off the shelf one for $400 but that is putting my overall project cost out of feasiblity. Multiplying everything by ten is expensive.

I have access to some smart people but no one who has experience & confidence in this area.

This is the first scalable electric vehicle project I am embarking on & need it to be a hit so I can leverage up to bigger vehicles & larger volume. My company, LUCKY13 design/build, provides Art Direction, Fabrication & Props mostly for the entertainment industry. I want to branch out into fun, alternative, & sustainable projects with HIGH IMPACT! The film biz throws too much stuff into landfills and long term storage. I want my creative machines on the street getting visibility.

Is it realistic to think I can find a company or individual to build me some UBER reliable, fully functional & tough controllers for around $200 each?

Your input will be valuable. Kick me in the balls if I am out of line or should post this elsewhere. Contact me immediately if you can help as this project is hinging on the controllers.



tomas verde
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