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ChopsQube -

Originally Posted by ChopsQube View Post

Yeah, I do. The only thing that I don't like about it is the erratic digital gas gauge. IOW, I can fill up and drive 50 miles and lose 1 bar on the gauge. But when I get in it to leave 8 hours later, the gauge mysteriously looses two more bars! Either that, or the darn thing doesn't read "full" right after filling up. It's extremely annoying, and guess what?... The dealership and techs have no clue as to what's wrong. They all claim everything is perfect!

Other than that, I really do like my Cube. Though with the manual 6-speed, I'm just now approaching/exceeding the MPG #'s that the auto's are rated at.
Sounds cube-centric. My gauge is "normal crazy" in that it reads different depending on the slope. I like driving uphill because the gauge goes up ... until I look at my instant MPG on my Scangauge.

Is there a "cubist" site you can join and/or are already a member of? Here are two that I know *nothing* about :

Cube Talk - Nissan Cube Car Forums
Cube Forum


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