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The charger and bms worked. Well, 3 of the 6 bms modules worked. Most of the "nodes" of the other 3 modules worked too. There were a few soldering issues with the itty bitty teenie weenie surface mount components. It was really nice to see it charge the batteries. I had limited it to 20 amps because the inductor was limited to 20 amps. I'm going to order the control board for the SR controller very soon. The charger code is almost identical, so it's already done. EDIT: By the way, I didn't take pictures, since I was so afraid I was going to blow something up, and forgot that the camera was in the car.

Things have really been put on a back burner, since my mom passed away 3 weeks ago. We thought she had the flu, and took her to the doctor, but it turned out that she had a heart attack. They were going to put in a stint at 8:30am, but she went into cardiac arrest at 4am. I really miss her.
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