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Rad Fan

Yes, you want this electric fan (as it will be your primary cooling fan) to be a "puller".

To power the fan, I would suggest buying a temperature-controlled relay like
(You'll probably have to enter your zip code to see the part). This relay has a temperature-sensing probe that activates the relay to switch your fan on above a certain temperature, which is the advantage of an electric fan. If you were to run the fan constantly, you would be better off with the belt-driven fan.

Another option (cheaper, but not as automatic) is to wire up your proposed switch in the cabin so that you can manually switch the fan on and off. If you monitor your coolant temperature gauge while driving, you can manually switch the fan on when it is getting hot.

Whichever option you choose, I would suggest the following electrical connections:
+ terminal: Ignition-controlled positive (like an unused slot in the fuse box?)
- terminal: Body ground

Also, if you have any issues with the attachment, there are specialty zip ties with pads for aftermarket electric fans that thread through the fins in the radiator to create a more secure attachment.

One potential problem I see with your fan is that, being from a Metro, it looks to be smaller (diameter) than the stock S-10 fan. Is that the case? If so, this could result in inadequate cooling abilities, as the fan does not force airflow over the entire face of the radiator. Just something to monitor once you start driving it.
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