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I hate to say this but i think its more quick fix to other makes having 23/34 mpg like Hyundai .
This is a mid life update , full redesign probably be around 2013 or so (guess).
The aero change is in front bumper , look at the lower grill opening, the new 2011 wraps around front more so opening is not as wide as 08+ models .
Changing gearing is not really good way, as it makes a already slugish off the line more slugish and now cruise rpm will be even lower than before, which was low already (55-60mph = around 1700rpm for 2.4L ) . What they should of done is bring out 6 speed auto from acura line, this way you get both , improvement in acceleration and mpg .
No idea of what they could do on reduced friction other than lower viscosity oil ( 0-20w ). The engines already use roller rockers now .I doubt they do anything major here, right now .
Honda is dropping the ball lately IMO, once a high tech features is now no more .
IMO they need a lighter model than civic as that's gotten pretty heavy lately (almost 3000 lb) with something like direct injection and eco-boost option for power and mpg .
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