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3-Wheeler @ 100 mpg

Jim,I don't know about 100 mpg.
The best single 1-way run at 55-mph in the CRX was 84-mpg.That was downhill with a South-westerly from Cloudcroft,NM,@ 8,600-feet,to Denton @ around 620-feet,over around 565 miles if I remember correctly.
I think basjoos has seen north of 90 mpg with AeroCivic.I'd pester him and see If he can give you some real-world prediction for your car.
I thought 90-mpg would be reasonable for an Insight,but that was with the full tadpole gap-filled trailer as is in the photo archive.I estimated Cd 0.12 with that rig.And that was based on a 70-mpg baseline from a local businessman who bought a fleet of Insights for his employees.
Renault claimed 138-mpg for it's Cd 0.19,approx 18.5 ft-sq.,27-Bhp,1987 Vesta II,at a constant 100 km/h from Paris to Bordeax.
It's just hard to know.
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