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Given the vehicle lengths dropping the rear bumper 2" would raise the front bumper 0.4" and change the rake less than a single degree. Honestly a 4" drop would make it easier to load/unload the bed and definitely the ladder racks and a 2" drop is really all I can get out of the front. The hood would stay in positive pressure, might have to check the wipers. Its hard to tell if the roof of the cab peaks in the front or middle, its relatively flat. I think the undercarriage would be presented with the undertray. I think even with the body dropped the axles are still the lowest point.

I just realized that the back is always sagging down bad from the constant load lol. Its already lowered. I think i should add a leaf or a helper spring, especially since i plan on adding a few hundred more pounds. I think supercars are raked for downforce more than anything.

Do you ever have problems with snow or dirt flying up through the gaps around the wheel wells or in front of the axles and filling up the cavity above and weighing down on the undertray? Ever have any problem with vertical undertray components when they'r pushing through deepish snow either driving forward reverse or turning?
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