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Coasting in gear vs. neutral (fuel cut feature)

So, yesterday I was messing about with my scangauge and made a breakthrough: when I coast down hill in neutral (no engine off yet for me) my car consumes gas at idle level, but if I coast in gear taking my foot all the way off the pedal, after a few seconds my gallons-per-hour readout hits 0.00, which leads me to believe this is closer to EOC than when I go into neutral down hills. My question then, is how does this actually compare to other methods to boost MPG down hills? I assume cutting the engine and going into neutral would yield a greater increase in speed down hills, and therefore higher MPG than my coasting in gear, but the SG reads 9999 MPG until I use the throttle again so I have assume this could be better than engine on coasting.

This might not be anything new to some of you, but I had no idea my car was cutting fuel when coasting in gear.


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