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Hi! this is my first post!

I found an article about how tire type can affect gas mileage (Honda Civic VX '95)
...For the first 45,000 miles on the original set of tires (which were lousy handing, but very low rolling resistant Dunlops), I regularly averaged 55 - 57 mpg (and this is a CA emissions car). In the winter, the mileage dropped about 10 - 15%. When I replaced the original tires at 45k miles, the same tires weren't available. The originals were lousy (handling-wise) Dunlop SP4N* or something like that. I bought a set of different Dunlops to replace them and found the mileage dropped to 45 mpg under the identical driving conditions. Luckily, I bought the tires at a place that had a "1000 mile or 30 day satisfaction" guarantee so I was able to return the first set and try another set of tires without paying for the original set. I am a conservation freak, so a 9-12 mpg (up to 20%) drop in fuel economy was not acceptable...
Link to the original article
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