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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
So it's the sedan you ordered?

I haven't seen much about this model, other than it's rated 29/40 MPG (US), and the price: "$695 SFE option package". Source.

40 HWY is getting close to the old Metro's highway rating (revised EPA of 44)! Nice to see from a more or less conventional drivetrain. Go Ford!

Factory efficiency mods on the SFE consist of the gearbox, LRR tires and aero tweaks from what I've read. Possibly partial grille blocking, some smooth belly panels, and detailing around the wheels (source).
Yes, We ordered the sedan. My wife won't have a hatchback. She says they look like the have no butt. I've heard and read about the various efficiency tweaks on the SFE package, but so far I have not seen a picture of any of them. The picture of the SFE package details on the Ford build site is just a generic stock pic of a Fiesta. There will be some pics available to the rest of you when I get mine home. This is kind of an adventure for me -- I ordered a completely new model before it hit the showrooms, having never driven one, and ordered an SFE package that no one seems to have the full details on. The powershift transmission is what steered me toward this car. My wife does not drive a manual transmission. This new automatic gets better MPG than the manual. It looks like the best way to get my wife into the over 40 MPG club without spending the extra $$ for a hybrid.

The local dealer just got their first Fiesta hatchback yesterday. My sedan is due in two weeks.
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