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Originally Posted by thebrad View Post
Cool link
I just asked the same question on their board and they told me to graduate college before doing it. Haha, I guess that makes enough sense. I'll keep my eyes peeled for some diesel deals.

I look at it like a hobby, so while I agree with the comment about graduating first, if you are looking for a hobby, it is a good use of your time. Keep an eye out for a cheap diesel, and work on it in your spare time. You can often find old 5 cyl diesel that are not running or running bad that only need new fuel filters. The owners don't want to put money into an old car and they virtually give it away. Heck, I had a high mileage 1983 300td that would have been great for WVO, and I sold it for $300. It ran, but it had rust and a broken spring. I had found a much nicer Benz and I just wanted to get rid of it. I believe the owner has converted it to WVO

What I wouldn't do is sell your car and expect to buy a Benz and get it up and running in 2 weeks

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