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Originally Posted by 3-Wheeler View Post
Hi Aerohead,

Daox is correct. Although even with the under-body smoothing panels, I have not gotten over 100 mpg during "normal" driving.

The best I got with the car at 55 mph, was 87 mpg on a 95F day with my Mom and I in the car, over a stretch of 150 miles or so, on reasonably flat roads.

When hypermiling to work, the best on a 33 mile loop was 117 mpg, again on a 95F day.

So, will I get over 100 mpg with the extended tail? We shall see, but I would expect a gain like Metro's.

Thanks Jim,
it will be hard to sleep until you finish and have a chance to test!
With your direct injection engine at high load,and tasty factory Cd,87 mpg sounds very realistic.
My hope is that the EFI is smart enough to maintain the great BSFC after streamlining,when the engine will be operating at lower load.
The Chrysler Airflow showed a significant gain with its 'long-tail' variant,I have to believe that you'll experience a similar gain.There's just too much data in the public domain now to suggest otherwise.
I,along with no doubt many,many others,are rooting for both you and Robert,awaiting the super slinky Insights as they strike Tropos-fear along the highways.
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