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Many cars have fuel cut-off when deccelerating, usually above a predetermined speed (i.e. below ~30mph injectors may fire). Like you said, coasting in gear will slow you down compared to staying in neutral.

Lets say you can go 1000ft coasting in neutral at 99mpg, and 500ft coasting in gear at infiniti mpg. To see which one is best, you have to average your mpg over the distance you can achieve in neutral, 1000ft. You could probably use the trip function of Scangauge to determine this. The coast in gear will force you to drive 500ft, so it may balance out.

If the trip feature doesn't work, the easiest way is to find fuel consumed over that 1000ft distance. I'm not sure if Scangauge has a fuel consumed gauge, but it should...

- LostCause
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