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Originally Posted by Daox View Post
People have already broken 100 mpg on a tank of gas in the insight w/o mods. Its completely doable.
In my effort to establish a repeatable FE baseline for my Insight I have made three roundtrips on my "test" course on I64 and I95 around Richmond. Those three trips netted 102.4, 99.4, and 101.6 mpg at a target speed of 55 mph. I wind up with a variation of around 8-10 mph in order to stay almost totally in lean burn. The course is 48.1 miles RT. I never shut off the engine during this tests, since that variable would be difficult to control. My only mod is a full block of lower radiator opening. Upper opening seems adequate according to ScanGauge data.

I think that though the Insight is not much lower in Cd than the CRX, it has a more efficient engine.
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