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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
Daox,were they hypermiling,or just driving down the highway at a reasonable speed,say,100 km/h ?
Honda has extremely good quality control from car to car,and on coast-to coast runs with
fleets' of cars,they return virtually 'identical' performance.
It's hard for me to wrap my brain around a 30-40 + mpg variance between like vehicles.
If that's what they can do,it's great,just hard to explain and to design around.
Go here to see the actual mileage logs for the CleanMPG folks:

CleanMPG, - Garage An authoritative source on fuel economy and hypermiling

Scrole down the page to the hybrid section to see the long term logs for several Insights. These folks ARE hypermiling - some actually pulse and glide - and since there is little control of condition and terrain, then the results vary quite a bit. It is just their everyday commute or drive. But these are "tank" averages over a long term. Short distance controlled test runs should deliver significantly better fuel economy(FE) than any of these reported results.

FE for the Insight is highly variable and depends greatly on speed, terrain, driving conditions, and operator driving skill(particulary the skill at keeping the engine in lean burn). This is one reason I have gone to so much trouble to find and scope out a 2 way test circuit that is not too hilly and will be repeatable to a high degree. I addressed this earlier, but my baseline FE for my course, in the late spring, is very close to 100MPG at 55 MPH, constant lean burn. 100MPG in warm weather, under test condition is an achievable baseline for aero testing. It could be even better if one has a flat test circuit.
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