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Originally Posted by Arragonis View Post

The FE thing is confusing. My 1.9 TDi makes less FE with 130 HP in a small hatchback than my wife's 2.0 TDi (with 16v mind) does in a Jetta sized estate.

Time to look more at that nut behind the wheel again I suppose.
You are comparing THIS engine with THIS engine, right ?

Well, first of all like you mention the 8v vs. 16v makes a difference straight away when it comes to efficiency as well as 5spd vs. 6spd (The Octavia has 6 speed transmission ?)

The weight/output ratio is practically identical but those differences as well as a Cx of 0.30 for the Octavia vs. 0.33 for the Fabia bring that extra FE capability.

I see also the stock tires on the Octavia are narrower (195/65 R15) vs. 205/45 R16

The factory numbers are pretty the same (5.5l/100km vs. 5.6l/100km) but the way they measure that is not by ecomodding...

BTW, what do you think of the new 1.6TDI's in the new Fabia's ? Pretty sweet FE rated at 4.2 combined (56MPG US) :drooling:

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