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Hello Paul!

Hope you remember me as I have been away for a bit. A few months back my Grandma took a down turn in her health and passed away a few weeks ago. She was twelve days from her 97th birthday.

I was reading the forums and seen that you have also recently lost a loved one. My heart goes out to you Paul I'll say a prayer for you too. It's all we can do now is remember the good times and wait for the day we will see them again.

I got a question for ya if you are up for it. I am getting closer to finishing other projects that have put an electric vehicle on the back burner for me till now.

One of the ideas I have had running around in my head is a modular approach to the power section where you would stack on as many amps as you need for whatever motor.

The other is a smaller control board say 2.5 by 3 or so with surface mount components and mount it inside the car in the dash area.Then use a CAT5 cable to connect them together.

Anyway let me know if you are interested in this and if so I would like to get some money in your hands and chat a bit about some other thoughts on the controller.

Take Care
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