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Popular Mechanics has also questioned the validity of Hatton's claims. See below:

KUAR: Skeptics question the claims of "Gadgetman Groove" backers (2010-07-07)

Mike Allen, Senior Automotive Editor for Popular Mechanics Magazine, says he's tested dozens of devices making similar claims, and while he hasn't tested this particular procedure, Allen says its basic concept of increasing turbulance in the combustion chamber is based on "a specious principle."

"I'm always suspicious of any device that relies so heavily on anecdotal evidence... They have not, to my knowledge, actually done a real dynomometer test before and after."

Allen says if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. "In a global market where the car manufacturers are spending literally hundreds of dollars per vehicle to achieve that last one tenth of a mile per gallon to meet very stringent corporate average fuel economy requirements, if anybody with a simple device like this, which would cost almost nothing at the manufacturers' level to implement, any company that had such a device available would have such an overpowering advantage in the marketplace they'd be all over it."
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