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Originally Posted by jkp1187 View Post
Popular Mechanics has also questioned the validity of Hatton's claims. See below:

KUAR: Skeptics question the claims of "Gadgetman Groove" backers (2010-07-07)
This is KUAR's follow-up piece. The creator of the Groove says he's going to hire an independent laboratory to run some tests, but we all know how that could go. If it's a dyno study at primarily low load, low RPMs, instrumented with an MPGuino, then the results should be valid. But if it's an on-the-road before and after study, it will leave way too many variables in play, and the results might just be skewed in favor of the party hiring the laboratory.

@Darin: Nah, I've been using my real-life name (Matt Gates) more and more across the internet. I used to post mostly in forums about current events and the latest video games, and having a veil of pseudonymity was nice. But now that my hobbies are a bit more grown-up, the forums I hang out in are the kind where you can use your real name.
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