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Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
Newer lithium batteries may well last you 200K miles, and in which case the cost of purchase will be easily offset.
I'm very skeptical on this point. They may well last that long, and they may well not.

It takes the average person 16 years to drive that far. We have seen some batteries in the lab that could possibly last that number of cycles, and plenty that don't. I haven't seen Winter and summer shortens a battery's life faster than laboratory conditions, as can underuse and overuse.

If 2/3 the price of the iMiev comes from its battery, imagine what a six year old iMiev with a dead battery is worth.

I really can't see EV's taking off until the price comes down below that of a hybrid, especially considering the EV's disadvantages: larger carbon footprint, limited range, battery depreciation. I certainly wouldn't recommend one to family or friends if they were for sale right now.
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