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Originally Posted by voltmatic automaton View Post
ok so the IGBTs are the following part number GB30B60K the values according to digikey are as follows: IGBT 600V 78A TO-220AB, 2.35V @ 15V, 30A Max Power 370W

The Gate Resistors are difficult coz the color bands are hard to decipher, its a 5 band code; Red,Black,Black,Black,Brown. If its the other direction just reverse, the values either way seem to be either 10 ohm, 16 ohm, 20 ohm.

So it looks like i do need a 15 Volt supply for max performance.

The gate resistors don't help me much, maybe you guys can help.
Hi VA,

I think that the resistor is 200 ohm if the red band is closest
to an end or 100 ohm if the brown band is closer to an end.
Do you have a multimeter to be able to measure it?

I suspect that you will want to use a lower value gate
drive resistor if they above 100 ohm. Do you have a supply
of parts available? If so, I'd start by replacing them all with
20 ohm resistors.

How many IGBT's are used on that power board?

And I agree that a 15 volt supply is better in a perfect world,
but I don't think that is what is causing the heat issue.


Mark Weisheimer
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