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Originally Posted by thebrad View Post
They're trying a different approach to hybrid/energy efficient cars.
It caters to the masses with it's design, I've had numerous conversations with my friends over this, most would own a Volt over a Prius because it looks more like a "normal car". I on the other hand find it too aggressive, but everyone's entitled to their opinion. I think anyone can agree it's a step in the right direction for bumbling GM.
That makes sense. The car looks like some sort of ******* Hummer/Escalade/Viper/Stealth aimed at the wannabe/macho/pimp crowd.

That's a shame, as good lines make good aerodynamics, per an old flier's maxim. Perhaps they should have farmed out the stylistics to Pininfarina or one of the good California design studios with a fresher perspective than common in Detroit. But, that's just my opinion, and the market may think otherwise.
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