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Went around in circles for a bit today. Tried to use your instructions Magister but because I had installed AVR Studio, it's USB driver wouldn't let WinAVR's USB driver from working with my AVRISPMKII. Found a thread on installing a libusb filter which completely disabled all my USB ports on my PC
Had to dig out a PS/2 keyboard and mouse to recover from this goof.

Finally decided 'heck with it', used AVR Studio to compile the .CPP program. Used the programming interface to read the fuses from an Arduino off a Duemilanove board, then installed a 'blank' 328P, programmed the .hex that AVR Studio generated, then programmed the fuses and it works!!

Time to go and pickoff the needed wires on my 92' Metro and get this thing into operation!

Edit: Took current measurements on the bench. ~ 27mA at brightness = 3, regulator is barely warmer than ambient. No heatsinking needed and the final version I can use a smaller smt version.

Edit-2: Wired it in and it works! Happy happy joy joy! Now it's time for calibration!
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