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Originally Posted by Laurentiu View Post
hmm...sorry to hear the f. did they manage to lift those huge batteries, they must be weighing 100's of lbs.
Yes, these were some gutsy thieves! They were in the back of my carport, so they had to squeeze between cars to get them. It must have taken them a few minutes. In a way, I was kind of lucky they left ANY batteries behind, and especially that they left the chargers and a voltmeter behind. It almost seems like more of a very cruel prank than a theft, because there are much easier ways of stealing. I'm out a lot more time than just the $77 in core value. (I realized it was actually 11 batteries they stole, not 10). On the other hand, it is pretty anonymous and hard to trace way of stealing. The recycler isn't going to ask questions or get ID for the batteries. It's hard to figure out what thieves think. As dirt poor as I am, it never occurs to me to take advantage of someone like that. Why couldn't they just steal my air compressor?? They could have gotten as much money, easier to steal, and it wouldn't have been as big of a loss for me......
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