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Thanks to you for doing this!

Drove for a bit today. Really like the instant screen with MPG, MPH and tank average (I think that's what it is). I have larger tires (knuckle/brake/ 13" wheel upgrade) so my speedo is off but I tweaked the MPGuino to read correct.

Now I can see my MPG drop idling at stoplights - that'll give me incentive to kill the engine at lights.

Looking forward to my drive into work tomorrow (100 mile/day commute). I've always thought that my car got better FE driving 65-70 vs 55-60 as it feels like the engine is lugging 5th at the lower speed. Now I'll be able to tell!
1992 Geo Metro, 1.0L 5spd, 435,000 miles on the original engine and trans!
- knuckles/hubs/brakes/13" wheels from a 2000 Metro
- running 175 70R13
- averaging 51.7 MPG, 56.9MPG best tank.
- self built MPGuino
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