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Dan <11011011> from Houston

Hey guys. Dan from Houston, how long ya'll been up. Found you through Chris D. and bestmapman's posts.

Have a 2007 Prius, and my wife has a 2008 MMH. Highscore on the Prius (round trip) is 106 mpg, highscore on the MMH (round trip) is 56.7 mpg. I'm trying to drum up membership for the Houston Hybrid and Hypermiler club, so if you know anyone in the Houston area interested in trading tips, send them my way.

For the Prius Owners, I'll volunteer to help with EV switches and EBH installs.

Club Site:

Well more later. Hope you don't mind the CMPG sig, it's where all my data is.


Houston Hybrid and Hypermilers Club <>

Best commute = 14.3mi @ 114 MPG (sg2)
Best (non-trivial) tank = 759mi @ 80.7 MPG (fcd)
MPG Centurion-Hybridfest 2007-Prius II-26mi @ 106 MPG (sg2)
Dan <11011011>
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