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Another greenmodder coming out of the woodwork....

Hey everyone,

I discovered this site a few weeks ago, and I've become obsessed with the idea of tweaking and eking out every bit of mileage I can from my car. My goal will be a little different from most of yours however.

I'm aiming to increase my MPkWh.

I'm in the beginning of an EV conversion, and I will have the opportunity to do some ecomod stuff in between the larger parts of the project, while saving for the expen$ive bits, or while waiting for it to show up.

I picked up a 1991 VW Golf Wolfsburg edition 4 dr 5 speed for $500 off of craigslist. It is in great shape all around, well, except for the blown head gasket, but that doesn't matter much.

After poking around these forums for a bit, and seeing some of the projects others have done, I definitely want to enhance the aerodynamic properties of the car, as each bit of resistance I eliminate extends my range. I plan on most of my driving being around town, but once or twice a week I'll make the 40 mile round trip to the next town, which may push the limit (we'll see) of the battery pack, so anything and everything that helps extend that range will be looked at, at least within <the wife's> reason.

- I'm planning on a grill block, both upper and lower, but I may need just the tinniest bit of air flow to keep the voltage controller cool on hot days. I could probably get away without direct venting if I mount it on a heatsink. I was toying with the idea of milling a liquid cooled heatsink, running the water line along the bottom edge of the bumper to cool and circulate. For the grill blocking material I have access to lots of extruded PVC of various colors and thickness, so thats probably what I'll use.

- Full belly pan. Well, the pan is already pretty flat and smooth on the Golf for the most part. Under the nose and engine compartment will need a pan, as well as the muffler route through the existing floor pan. I don't know if any one has tried this , but I was thinking of using heavy duty industrial shrink wrap for much of it, its cheap, attaches easily, and I can make smooth stand off strapping ribs to hold it off of sharp parts and to even it out. Just kicking that idea around.

- Mirror delete? I'm not sure its kosher with the regs here in Washington State, but I was thinking something ala Aerocivic, with the mirrors on the inside. Thats flippin' sweet.

- Low profile wiper blades. Any suggestions on a brand or if they make much difference? Complete delete is out, as I doubt my wife would go without them, this being Washington and all.

- Moon hubs, thinner tires. The rims I have are the VW teardrop style, which are flat and flush, but they have little teardrop holes for brake cooling. I'm a little hesitant to go with thinner tires, because the car will be effectively fully loaded at all times. Stopping in the rain with over inflated skinny tires = gray hair.

- Spoiler for the hatchback? I'm just learning the ropes of this whole aerodynamics thing, so I don't really understand how much of a difference it will make. The GTi spoilers look cool one way or the other.

- VGs. I have a friend that makes these for private airplanes, so I'm familiar with the concept. Any hard data out there on the real life effectiveness on vehicles?

- Air dams for the wheels?

- Antenna delete. But I like listening to the radio too.... any ideas on how to have that both ways?

- Can you tell its a slow workday? This is an epic introduction post as I look back over it. Jeez....

I'll post some pics once I get home, I'd love some feedback from the pros on this board, and thanks in advance. I look forward to doing all this stuff!

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