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Originally Posted by NiHaoMike View Post
Wouldn't it be just a matter of replacing the transfer case with a direct coupling, connect the other driveshaft to a motor, and put the batteries in the back?

Not a bad idea.

I've got a moderate science/mechanical/DIY background but I don't have any knowledge of the engineering on a hybrid like this. My experience with this tech -- My parents own a Prius and I remember reading about a nifty little hybrid in Mother Earth News many years ago.

I will probably need to hire an engineer to design the system and specify components. I wonder what it would cost for a first rate engineer to spec the system? Maybe $1000? More? Less? Is there someone known for this type of consulting & design work?

My base idea is to remove the 2.7 four cylinder completely from the engine bay and make or buy an adapter plate and accessories necessary to attach an electric motor to the bell housing, clutch, pressure plate and front motor mounts. Placement of the diesel/genny combo and maybe a half-dozen batteries would need to be as low as possible and weight distribution balanced.

I really wanted to keep the 6 foot cargo bed free if possible -- for cargo. I'm a maintenance man and maintain real estate rentals. I carry material and tools appropriate to carpentry, electrical, plumbing and roofing.

Any thoughts?
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