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Originally Posted by basjoos View Post
The nosepiece I put on the front of my car made a noticable improvement in coasting ability (this was in my pre-SuperMID days). It also reduced the number of smashed bugs and birds on the front of my car to almost zero (prior to this I was always having to scrub dried bugs and occasional feather off the flat front bumper).

Got pics?

The streamlined nose sheds the stagnation air better, making for a smaller stagnation point in the first place. Good shedding of stagnant air is why your car collects few bug splatters, and also why your car is about as efficient as any car ever was.

The ultimate in efficiency is a high performance German sailplane, such as an ASW-22. They pay great attention to forward fuselage design and contour of the nose, since the rest of the aircraft follows in the wake of the nose. Same story with boats. The nose is the most critical part.

So, who has nose mod suggestion or scientific data?
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