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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
Find a wrecked Prius, and do a complete transplant. Probably easier & cheaper than designing your own.

Also, why experiment with a nearly new (at least in terms of Toyota longevity) truck? My '88 4x4 is still going strong after about 220K miles.

I've spent a lot of time with my parents Prius. It seems to run decent but popping the hood just makes me sick. Crowded. Makes my eyes cross. And it only gets 60 MPG -- even with the advanced aerodynamics.

I was thinking about the designs from a simpler time. Something more in the line of 283 chevy push-rod tech. Solid, hard-core qualities like having serious room around the running gear. I could actually get in the engine bay of my '54 chevy (235 in3 I6) and close the hood. I want to be able to yank an engine in hour like I used to do with my VW beatles and buses.

Don't get me wrong -- I know that the today's motors, controllers and other components are way ahead of the parts of that era. But I want something robust, fixable, maintainable, tweakable. I'd also like to get at least 60 MPG with the terrible aerodynamics on the tall, 4x4 toy truck.

I think custom is probably the only way I'll get something decent.
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