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Originally Posted by dcb View Post
but I think the case can be made that it does not work as well as people think, generally.

And if you are building a lightweight fuel car, useable regen would be extra weight.
Depends on what people think. But I think the best post on the subject so far is your post with the graph showing a 22% improvement regardless of weight on the EPA cycle. Everyone here can beat EPA by doing a little DWB and anticipation, so expect an ecodriver to get <22%. Maybe 10%?

Edison2 has obviously determined that the weight penalty for making their VLC a hybrid erases their fuel savings.

DIY EV'ers may find that for the $ cost of going AC, they could instead buy more batteries to achieve greater range.

Folks who buy one-ton or heavier vehicles will probably say regen is well worth it, because it's a real boon on hills, and it's the best way to keep a hybrid's 12V battery charged.
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