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If you have to use the brakes in heavy urban traffic situations like my 40 mile 46 traffic light round trip daily drive then regen is helpful. When my battery was fully charged I could pulse with the battery and coast in neutral to increase my mileage in my CVT Insight.

I could manage low to mid 70s MPG, while averaging about 38 MPH for the two legs of my drive. If I got unlucky and hit more than a couple of lights my just replaced by Honda battery would be just below 20 bars on the gauge and I would pulse and coast to use some of the capacity.

Out in the country where IO might not have to stop for many miles, I would still use the same technique on grades when the battery was full.

I probably can't quantify the percentage benefit but it was most likely in the range of 10% under those circumstances. I never tried the daily trip without battery assist but I would guess it was 20% under those circumstances.

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