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Originally Posted by RobertSmalls View Post
...the graph showing a 22% improvement regardless of weight on the EPA cycle....
Lemme clarify that, the percentage returns were approaching zero as the vehicle got lighter. The 5000 lb car had ~22% return, at 2000lbs it "looks" like about a 9% return.

But I have no clue how they made the graph, it fits nicely with their philosophy though. and at 750 lbs the return looks really tiny if at all.

"Our analysis of efficiency showed that the energy gained from regenerative braking simply was not worth the cost in added battery weight. One 6 lb gallon of gasoline contains the energy of 500 lbs of batteries; at least 1000 lbs of batteries would be needed if our 750 lb VLC were electric. That is a lot of weight to push around for 200 miles."

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