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Originally Posted by adamj12b View Post
Yes, I am still working on an SMD version, but it kinda got put on the back burner due to funding and some other projects that i needed to get done.

There were some design flaws in the 1st version that needed fixing, some parts needed to be better SMD equivalents and some parts I should have just left through hole. lol

I am working on those changes and the updated layout. These boards are ment to be used with my external driver boards as well. So they dont have the resistor hook ups on them, only 2 outputs, 1 for each driver board.

If somebody wanted to order me a board after I finish the design, it would greatly speed up the prototype. I have almost all the parts to stuff the board with (caps, resistors). I think it was like $24 for 1.

So what are the advantages of the SR and SMD versions over the original, and can I combine the two? Also, if I fund the prototype board, does that mean I get to be the first beta tester (assuming the price isn't too high and I get my motor) I would love to have a semi-functional EV by the end of the summer.
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