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Originally Posted by fabrio. View Post
I am not surprised from your results.
with your airdam, you have added more frontal area, and because your car (with many aero mods) it is very efficient, your have gotten worse the things.
If I just remember, your car is equipped with full bellypan.
You can try to reduce central height of airdam, this, reduce the FA, and permit to pass the air under your car.
Look, the example opel calibra.
Calibra equiped with engine undercover, use an airdam tested in windtunnel.
After many tests, Opel are deliveryd an airdam shaped with raised central area, and high at the side.

look the image below:

It permit to deviate the air from wheels and the suspension arm.
I do not have any report, but in my car, I am insirated me to Opel for my front deviator
if you try it, tell us the change.
Does this mean that the gap in the middle of the spoiler should be ~900 mm wide? The spoiler should extend ~50 mm out from each side of the fender? The door sill should be ~50 mm lower and extend out ~50 mm horizontally from the side?
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