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Originally Posted by ShadeTreeMech View Post
Another thing to consider is the amount of braking power given by regen brakes. Seems like I read about Ben Nelson's friend with the AC powered electric car who hardly used his service brakes due to the regen braking strength of his motor.
That is one benefit is less brake service.

Something I've noticed, my "antique" 05 48v miles zx40 mini van with a series wound motor is that it uses about 65-75 amps at top cruising speed which is typically (NOW) in the 26-29mph area, using field reduction I can go 32-38mph and draw 100amps. (usually ends up at about 35/36 depending on SOC)

The funny part is the same car AC powered 72v Miles ZX40 uses the SAME number of amps to go the same speeds I go and its 72v NOT 48v.

Seems to me the motor must not be as efficient (or controller) or its just that my tire inflation and lubrication practices make that big of a difference.

So perhaps in these situations motor and controller efficiency are more important than some other factors like regen?

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