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Originally Posted by RH77 View Post
Hi, and Welcome to EM...

You're at an advantage having the Diesel for efficiency, but with prices the way they are per gallon, the savings seems to deminish, I suppose.

Wow, the LB7 series kicks out 520 lb-ft of torque (and 300 hp)

Do you tow or haul with your rig? That's some serious power, and some respectable economy numbers.

Are you looking for Aero, other mods, or driving style as your means to 25 MPG?

Enjoy the site, and Best FE to Ya

Actually, my truck is an LLY, and the mods I've made to it bring it up to somewhere around 430 RWHP and something near 700 ft-lbs of torque. I haven't made it to a dyno yet, but others with similar mods are in this range.

We have a 24' travel trailer that we tow with the truck, and we have a 15' flatbed trailer we use to haul some other things around from time to time.

I'm looking for both - driving habits and aerodynamics. Still looking at other truck mods to improve efficiency too, but I'm thinking I'm getting pretty close to the limits there. Probably looking more for aero changes than anything at this time.

The reason being is that I just returned from a trip to Florida. Going down running the speed limit I had 2 tanks at 19.7 mpg. Dropping to 2k rpm (which makes 65-66 mph), I made 21.7 mpg. Returned running 67 mph and repeated the mileage right at 21.7 mpg... and I was very careful to watch the driving habits. So... I am convinced at this point that something has to change with the truck to improve the mileage, since my driving habits were well in check, IMHO.



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