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Last two weeks here I have seen the temp hit 106 with our typically higher humidity.

Sorry folks but no AC is no longer an option for this old man.

I do P&G the AC to try to minimize its impact, but in my Insight it was about a 10 MPG (out of 70) hit. The VX seems to take about a 5-7 hit.

It forces me to change my strategy and just hop on the interstate and not take more time for the back roads and avoid any idling.

When you are in lean burn, even in the 1.5 liter engine on the VX and 5th gear, the load of the AC and just maintaining speed at 62 MPH is about the max lean burn power of that car. The benefit is you spend less time on the road so the overall AC energy use is lower.

When I have to stop, I go max fan and Max AC temp (always on recirculate) to take advantage of otherwise wasted energy.

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