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Thanks, Steve, that's all good input and well reasoned.

I ask about the Calibra air dam because that car shape is quite similar to my Porsche 944 Turbo, which itself got significant wind tunnel attention in design stage. It has an undertray and chin fairing, although its nose shape has some unnecessary roughness in texture and contour.

That said, the nose of the Porsche could stand some improvement, and various spoilers and splitters have been designed for it, with anecdotal reports as to respective efficiency. Many on this website have made significant aerodynamic improvements to their vehicles by home-made experimentation and some pretty good intuition. From this, we can surmise that the factory original is not necessarily the final word on design.

Your post mentions some of your research and notes "mixing distance." Would you please tell us more about this, cite references we can Google, etc.?

Seems to me, "mixing distance" may be the reason for some of the geometry on the BMW air duct posted hereabouts a few days ago--that at given speed, the turbulent air behind the air dam moves such as to help extract radiator cooling air. Please help us with more info on mixing distance, etc..
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