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Originally Posted by RH77 View Post
My mistake on the engine model. Still, that's a mound of torque!

I've learned lately (from a Dodge Avenger rental) that despite speed or RPM drop, wind speed has a huge impact on the final MPG tally (especially on highway trips).

It helps to slow down too

By the way, do you have a ScanGauge or similar feedback device? If not, it's highly recommended so you can get a real-time look at a variety of factors.

Enjoy your journey to 25...

Yep - I use a DiabloSport Predator to get where I am today. They offer a +65 hp economy tune, which improved my mileage from 18+/- to where I am today... plus it'll put a big stupid smile on your face when you mash the "go" pedal. Predator will tell me just about anything I want to know except boost pressure and exhaust gas temperature - gotta add some gauges to get that info.


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